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Wooden Weaponry

Noel Shaver – The link is to Mr. Shaver’s site regarding silat training.  The contact information is the same.  Noel has made absolutely wonderful weapons for me – in particular, Araki-ryu style bokuto out of verawood, as well as a number of other pieces.  Because he is a high-level practitioner of martial arts, he really understands the feel that a weapon should have.  He requires an actual prototype of the weapon you want made, unless, that is, that you only have general requests.  Be sure to discuss in detail the requirements of usage, so that you and he can select the best wood for the weapon you need. His workshop is located in the Pacific Northwest.

Beth’s Buki – Beth’s work is impeccable.  I’ve used her jotoba naginata, and they are truly exemplary Toda-ha Buko-ryu weaponry.  She’s also made a perfectly designed Araki-ryu bokuto.  Her attention to detail is exacting.  You will get a weapon perfect for your specifications. However, due to a number of responsibilities, I believe that it is difficult to order koryu weaponry from her at this time.